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Ideal photo app for novices

PicStory is a basic, easy-to-use photo editing app that draws comparison with Instagram due to its built-in social network.

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  • Very easy to edit your photos
  • Limited options make editing easy for novices


  • Limited features
  • No option to save photos to phone
  • Problems connecting to Facebook and Twitter meant social features weren't available

PicStory is a basic, easy-to-use photo editing app that draws comparison with Instagram due to its built-in social network.

Two steps to success

There are two main functions in PicStory: editing and social networking. The first of these features allows you to enhance your photos by adding basic filters, frames, and stickers, it even offers some rudimentary editing, such as rotating and cropping.The social networking feature lets you comment and like photos other users have shared in the app, as well as showing you photos from nearby users, popular photos, and images shared by people you follow (much like a Twitter feed).You can also share your photos via Twitter and Facebook although, even after two re-installs, I couldn't login to either social network on a Blackberry Q10. Editing your photos is a two step process: choose your frame then carry out the various edits (apply filters, add a wide range of stickers, rotate, and zoom). While each step is super simple, the thumbnails of the frames didn't load properly for me when testing, so I had to load each individually to see what they looked like.Once you've finished editing the only options are to share via Twitter or Facebook and, as linking these accounts didn't work, I had no way of saving my work. There is no option to save the picture to your phone.

Does the job(ish)

If I had been able to link up my social networks on PicStory the app would get a far higher mark because so many of the features are linked to this. I couldn't follow people, like or comment on photos, and, most annoyingly, I couldn't save or share any of my edited pictures.As for the editing, the options are limited (especially compared to the plethora of fully-featured apps available for Android and iOS), but PicStory provides a really easy way to add some fun touches to your photos - perfect if you're a novice.

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